FBC Ho Chi Minh 2019

[New]  東京特殊印刷工業株式会社 / TDI ELECTRONICS Co.,LTD

We've settled new factory in Ha Ham province. Our major products are electronics parts such as Capacitive Film sensor, Membrane switch, Film Insert Molding by screen printing. In Vietnam, you can get those products.

[New]  日進工具株式会社 / NS TOOL CO., LTD.

We are a leading manufacturer of small-diameter carbide end mills.

[New]  マキテックベトナム有限会社 / MAKITECH VIET NAM CO.,LTD

Since our founding in 1946, the Maki Group has started with various conveyors and other transport equipment, has challenged various fields such as distribution logistics products,welfare equipme,and has sent many products.

[New]  株式会社 イシセイ ベトナム / ISHISEI VIET NAM CO.,LTD

Since 2011, the company has played an active role as expert manufacturer and processor of high precision machinery components and parts for a wide array of industrial machines in Ho Chi Minh City.

[New]  ニチレイマグネット株式会社 / NICHILAY MAGNET .CO ,.LTD

Fully utilizing the results and experience for many years we have been continued to provide over 2000 kinds of products based on design,most of the products have original stance and we have obtained more than 200 patent.

サンシンメタル・ジャパン株式会社 / SANXIN METAL JAPAN CO., LTD.

We are a secondary processing manufacturer of steel products with headquarters and factories in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. We manufacture various steel materials of the specifications required by customers.

富士電路科技(香港)有限公司 / FuJi Print Industrial(H.K.)CO.,LTD

Founded in1970, based in Tokyo.After years of development, is for many varieties, high difficulty, small batch characteristics of PCB supplier, from sample to mass production.domestic sales exports can be the corresponding.


Trading company in Tokyo, mainly deal in stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, etc. Your consultations about all the metal materials and parts are very much appreciated①SUS Deformed Bars②NAS-F2③CFRT Shaft④Precision Pipe

中部工業ベトナム / CHUUBU KOUGYOU VIETNAM co.ltd.

Manufacturing small metal parts by CNC automatic lathes.


Our products is Hot rolled Steel of JIS standard. We can fusing, machining, roll bending and shot blast of that.

[New] Mold spare parts

Finishing details after heat treatment ( inside round grinding , outside round grinding ) , precision , concentricity ± 0.003mm

Mold spare parts

Finishing details after heat treatment ( cnc turning, round grinding , cnc milling ) , precision ± 0.005mm

High Aluminium Part

Processing parts aluminum material on cnc milling machines , precision , ± 0.01mm


Processing and assembly of assembly parts including finished parts after heat treatment, plating, polishing with precision ± 0.01mm


Processing and assembling detail assemblies including details processed on a variety of materials (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, ...) with precision ± 0.01mm