FBC Ho Chi Minh 2019


In Japan we manufacture electrical equipments as Fuse cutouts, Switches, Fuses ...Our company have machines as well as equipments for pressing metal processing, silver plating.

[New]  国産バネ工業株式会社 / KBK VIETNAM CO.,LTD

KBK Vietnam mainly manufactures products with common purpose press and high speed press such as automobile battery terminals, bus-bar and terminals for automobile/consumer. We can also modify products based on customers' needs.


RPF is a solid recovery fuel (SRF). It is used as an alternative fuel for coal.Japan RPF Industry Association member companies are striving for the expansion and a stable supply of high quality RPF under unified quality standards.

[New]  タクミ商事株式会社 / TAKUMI SHOJI CO.,LTD.

We are TAKUMI GROUP for trading electrical parts. 1, US$25M Inventory ready-to-ship ! 2, Large Variety STK with 16,000 line items 3, Sourcing for small lot production factory from A-PAC Feel like free to ask us !

[New]  株式会社三翠社 / SANSUISHA (THAILAND) CO.,LTD.

We are manufactures for one of the leading factories in Japan and Thailand of continuous success and specialty in design, development, production of sheet metal part, coating and renewable energy of storage package unit.

有限会社エクストエンジニアベトナム / EXT ENGINEER VIET NAM CO.,LTD

Our factory has NC automatic lathe, NC lathe, machining center

ニチレイマグネット株式会社 / NICHILAY MAGNET .CO ,.LTD

Fully utilizing the results and experience for many years we have been continued to provide over 10000 kinds of products based on design.Most of the products have original stance and we have obtained more than 200 patent.

ドングアン機電有限会社 / Dong Quang Mechanical Electrical Co., Ltd.

The main business fields of the company are as follows. 1. Precision parts machining. 2. Design and manufacture production line & related equipment


We have been manufacturing soldering tips since 1898, and now, we are manufacturing soldering tips for electrical soldering iron or soldering robot. Also, we are manufacturing our original butane-powered cordless soldering iron

株式会社ミナミダ / MINAMIDA CO., LTD.

We are a parts maker in cold forging. Most of the products for automobiles are used, and they correspond to a wide range from steering and suspension parts, seat belts, automotive electrical parts, engine drive parts.

[New] RPF、SRF(Sorid recover Fuel)

“RPF” is an abbreviation for Refuse derived paper and plastics densified Fuel, which is a high-grade solid recovery fuel primarily composed of waste paper and waste plastics from mostly industrial waste for which material recycling is quite difficult. RPF has been well received by many industries including major paper companies, and lime companies as an alternative to fossil fuels such as coal and coke. This RPF has the following features.

[New] tin plating.

We have done silver plating after pressing.

[New] Tape

Tape is used to hold or fasten wire harness

[New] Molex

Molex offers splices for nearly every type of wiring need, from simple wire splices to splices designed for heavy-vibration applications and in harsh environments where sealed connections are required

Wire Harness; Junction Box for Solar Panel, Solar Cable

Wire harness are our core business and hey play a role of central nervous system liken human in the electrical products used in various field in the society. We supply wire ranges of products utilized our experienced product assembly technology and know how which are in corresponding to the progress of digitalization and technical innovation.

Solar cable

photovoltaic-interconnecting units (PVU), solar power intelligent monitoring system PVU-Finders, and solar system cables.

Handles AB-460 Series

● Waterproof (using O-ring and sheet packing) ● For both left-hand and right-hand use.(the left-hand or right-hand use can be changed by reversing the cam and stopper plate) ●Finish:Satin chrome plating ●Specific Use:Electric distribution and control panels