FBC Ho Chi Minh 2019

[New]  (株)橋本クロス VN / Hashimoto Cloth Vietnam Co.,Ltd

Hashimoto-cloth is the enterprize which is making(processing) the Fiber Material used in the factory. The main production items are Wiping cloth,Industrial Filter and Oiladsorbent. Now we are constracting our factory in HA NAM.

[New]  日本伸管株式会社 / Nihon Shinkan Co., Ltd.

We’re expert of aluminum cold drawing process, supplied OA, Vehicle, Camera field. We can manufacture high precision aluminum pipe and bar, shape of hexagonal or ellipse etc.. also drawing after machining, grinding & Assembly.

[New]  【Buyer】Tiger Viet Nam Co.,Ltd.

Tiger Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a company with 100% Japanese investment capital, specialize in manufacturing the Japan top household electronic.With advance technology have been summed up for more than 90 year in Japan.


We are design, process and assemble jigs also accept the parts and make a work trolley, etc. Please consult us even if in the last minute about a work or delivery. In Japan, we also manufacture equipment using robots and exports.

[New]  I.M.E. (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

We are Japanese Company in Thailand , We have been doing production of Metal Stamping parts , Coating Parts ,Winding Parts , Overmold parts for automobile and electronic parts more than 25 years with High Quality and lowest cost

東莞市長錦成電器有限会社 / CJC Electrical Appliances Co., LTD

CJC is dedicated to develop and manufacture rubber and Polyurethane components for various industries, like OA,ATM,Automotive, Rail Transport, Material handling, Off shore & Energy, Medical and Mechanical Engineerings etc.

名古屋理研電具 株式会社 / Nagoya Riken Dengu Co.,Ltd

Nagoya Riken Dengu Co.,Ltd. has been supported by everyone as a trading company. Selling electronic parts for more than 78 years. In Asia we will offer services in Japanese style and be confident in the product.


Business Description:Production and sale for weld nut and piaccing nut and Screws / Produce:Weld nut and piaccing nut for 2-wheels and 4-wheels vehicles. and Screws �

甲信工業インドネシア / PT KSIN INDONESIA

We are sintering factory producing high-precision gears and pulleys. Please feel free to contuct us if you are interested.

日本ボンコート株式会社 / Japan Bonkote Co., Ltd.

Japan Bonkote is a long established (50 years old) manufacturer of soldering irons and peripheral devices. We are looking for some sales partners who can help us with expand BONKOTE brand products here in Thailand.

[New] Rubber Metal Parts

Rubber metal parts for vibration control are mainly used on the joint of vehicle or enquipments to absorp and damp the vibration from the road and motors, improving comfort, reducing noise and protecting the vehicles and equipement. Considering the damping performance of material, modify compression, shearing stress and tensile stress to form certain elasticity coefficient to result in appropriate statistic stiffness and dynamic stiffness for damping requirements of vehicle & equipment with high durability.

[New] ATM parts

We provide ATM parts such as banknote transfer rollers, banknote separation and deposit banknote rollers, impeller rubber, belts and urethane molded bearings.

[New] NDI Polyuretahne Micro-cellular Components

Automotive Jounce Bumper:Used in shock absorbes, damping and absorbing the impact caused by vehicle, improving the driving comfort and safety.

[New] Ruber Molding Parts

Including rubber material development, processing development, part design and mold design, we provide total solutions for rubber custom moulding parts.

[New] NDI Polyurethane Wheels

We deveop and manufacture drive wheels, load wheels, press on tires, pallet rollers and heavy dusty swivel casters and special wheels & tires for material hanlding industry and engineering industry, such as forklift truck, mining, off shore equipment, construction machines, tunnel boring machines etc. According to the environmental requirements, load and speed, the wheels is designed by FEM method to meet the customers requirements with higher reliability and durability.

OA Rubber Roller

Our company has a complete set of industrial chain of rubber development, rubber mixing, extrusion, assembly, grinding and evaluation to provide customers with high quality and low cost products. OA parts such as paper pick roller, paper feed roller, transfer roller, drive roller, supply roller, and cleaning roller.

BON-8203 V-cut solder machine

By making V-groove just before soldering, it prevents deterioration of flux and solder ball scattering. In addition, the oozing flux from the V-groove improves the solderability. 0.3~0.8mm diameter solder wires are usable by adjusting the lever.

MR4 SAIKY soldering iron station

LA method soldering iron station with 24V low voltage output. φ5, φ7 and φ11 of iron tip series are available for multi use. The heater for iron is 90 or 175W high power. Easy to replace iron tips.


BONPEN series are empty containers. You can fill flux or other liquid in a cartridge to apply them. 7 different shape pen-tips are available.

Temperature management system

The system is designed to centralize and control up 16 units of soldering irons by on PC. It is possible to monitor the whole process of manual soldering works.