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Established april5 2012
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RPF is a solid recovery fuel (SRF). It is used as an alternative fuel for coal.Japan RPF Industry Association member companies are striving for the expansion and a stable supply of high quality RPF under unified quality standards.

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RPF(Refuse Plastic Paper Fuel)

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Company Address (EN) Takanashi Bld.2-floor .1-9-2Kajicho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0044 JAPAN
Country Japan
Postcode/Zip 101-0044
Tel 03-6206-8000
Fax 03-5296-0303
Home Page URL:http//www.jrpf.gr.jp

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RPF、SRF(Sorid Recover Fuel)
RPF、SRF(Sorid Recover Fuel)

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RPF、SRF(Sorid recover Fuel)
RPF、SRF(Sorid recover Fuel)

Product detail: “RPF” is an abbreviation for Refuse derived paper and plastics densified Fuel, which is a high-grade solid recovery fuel primarily composed of waste paper and waste plastics from mostly industrial waste for which material recycling is quite difficult. RPF has been well received by many industries including major paper companies, and lime companies as an alternative to fossil fuels such as coal and coke. This RPF has the following features.

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