FBC Ho Chi Minh 2019

Questions Regarding the Event Hall
Please tell me how to get to the event hall.
The event hall’s map is: Phu Tho Indoor Sports Stadium
Can visitors do business matching too?
Yes. The matching will be done according to exhibitors’ procurement needs.
Questions Regarding Exhibition
I would like to know the schedule for both event days.
Both event days will consist of pre-arranged business meetings between exhibitor-exhibitor and exhibitor-visitor.
If there is any free time, exhibitors are free to visit other booths or hold meetings with visitors as they like.
Can non-manufacturers exhibit in the fair as well?
Companies that provide services to manufacturers (logistics, IT, trading etc.) can exhibit in Service Provider Area.
How much is the exhibiting fee? Can I pay in my local currency?
Please see the “Introduction for Exhibitors” page for more information. The payment can be made by Japanese yen or Vietnam dong or Thai baht.
Can non-Vietnamese companies exhibit as well?
How many booth can 1 company use to exhibit?
Each company can use no more than 1 booth.
Can I exhibit if I only want to sell products?
What is the pre-event matching?
It is the event’s feature which allows exhibitors to choose matching partners and matching date/time before the event. This makes it possible for exhibitors to perform business matching with greater success rate and ensure that the time spent in this event will be most efficient (exhibitors need to register their business items and request meeting with another company via website). Before the event date, the organizer will send the schedule to each exhibitor and visitor who have requested to do matching with another party.
What is “register business item”?
The exhibitor can register the information about the product that will be used as main topic for business matching (for example, product/service that the exhibitor would like to buy/sell). The online pre-event business matching will be performed using these registered information.
Can the exhibitor demonstrate its product/service inside the booth?
The exhibitor can do demonstrations as long as it only takes place inside the booth’s space and does not exceed electricity limit. For more information, please contact the organizer.
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