FBC Ho Chi Minh 2019

Annual Sales USD 5,500,000
Capital USD 37,500,000
Capital form Domestic
Established 2011
Employee 201~300
Export and Trading result Yes
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Tiger Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a company with 100% Japanese investment capital, specialize in manufacturing the Japan top household electronic.With advance technology have been summed up for more than 90 year in Japan.

Procurement Item

1. 3D insert, 2. Die-cast heater, 3. PCB Unit, 4. Electric power cord, 5. Silicon packing, 6. Litz wire, 7. Plastic/paint material, 8. Parts for wire harness(Terminal / electric wire / lamp / tube etc), 9. Stainless steel material, 10. Processing oil, 11. Thermal transfer (film), 12. Print heater

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Company Basic Information

Company 1
Company Name 【Buyer】Tiger Viet Nam Co.,Ltd.
Company Address (EN) Plot229, Amata Road, Amata Industrial Park, Long Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
Country Vietnam
Postcode/Zip -810000
Tel +84-0251-8866-230
Fax +84-0251-8877-238
Home Page https://tiger-vn.com/eng/home

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Inner for rice cooker
Inner for rice cooker

Product detail: Minimum Lot: 5000

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