FBC Ho Chi Minh 2019

Annual Sales USD 14,000,000
Capital USD 650,000
Capital form Domestic
Established 2015
Employee 101~200
Export and Trading result Yes
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The main business fields of the company are as follows. 1. Precision parts machining. 2. Design and manufacture production line & related equipment

Procurement Item

Air-cylinder, sensor, electric parts, automation using parts

Sale item

Precision mechanical parts, design machines

Company Basic Information

Company 1
Company Name Dong Quang Mechanical Electrical Co., Ltd.
Company Address (EN) 36/4 Highway No 1, Street 3, An Phu Dong Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City
Country Vietnam
Tel +842387198989
Home Page https://dongquang-cnc.com
Company 2
Company Name ティーエスケー工機
Company Address (EN) 130-0011 Tokyo city, Sumida ku, Ishiwara 2-21-3
Country Japan
Tel 09025511731

 This company business item

Machine parts processing
Machine parts processing

Product detail: 1. Machine parts processing 2. Design production equipment

Raw material:
Metal and non-metallic materials
Business item category:
Receiving the manufacturing order